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Alien Arrangements

May 11, 2018

Recommended Levels 3-4


This adventure can take place in any major city with a market for luxury goods. It begins with the party receiving a gift certificate to Alien Arrangements as part of a reward for a previous mission. Alien Arrangements is a newly opened genetics lab that specializes in designer pets. The lab has only been open for a few weeks and pets it produces are the city's hottest fad. 


The lab is owned and operated by an stylish android geneticist named Devise. Devise is polite and charismatic, but their unflappable personality has only further infuriated Krup Brassbolt, owner of the nearby Build-a-Bot. Build-a-Bot was once the city's premier pet source, offering fully customizable robotic companions. Now Build-a-Bot has fallen out of fashion and the shop is now struggling to stay open. Krup has taken matters into his own hands and has sabotaged the Alien Arrangements lab the night before the adventurers redeem their gift certificate.








1- A Not So Perfect Pet


Alien Arrangements is located in a modern looking building in located in the city's most expensive shopping district. The exterior of the building has several holo screens showing projections of satisfied customers holding designer pets. In one, a Ysoki child hugs a large fluffy pink hamster with a unicorn horn. In another, a shirren woman holds a cat sized beetle that matches her outfit perfectly.


As the party enters Alien Arrangements they are greeted by Devise, dressed in a trendy lab coat. The interior of the lab sleek and immaculate. A narrow cylindrical tank full of blue fluid bubbles in the center of the room. Devise accepts the party's gift certificate and remarks on their accomplishments from their previous mission as they hand the party a data pad. The data pad contains the pet "menu" and allows the party to select the options they want (see the chart below). When the party is done, Devise takes the pad and heads to the central tank where they begin the pet genesis process. Individual animal parts bubble up from beneath the tank and begin to knit together.


Pet Genesis Chart


Size (Roll for Odd or Even): 1- Tiny 2- Small 


Base form (Roll 1d8): 1- Pony, 2- Cat, 3- Dog, 4- Serpentine, 5- Hamster, 6-Beetle, 7- Bipedal Mushroom, 8- Ball (orb with eyes and mouth, rolls or bounces to move)


Skin (Roll 1d6): 1- Furry, 2- Scales, 3- Smooth, 4-Chitin,

5- Crystaline/Mineral , 6- Grows Leaves or Grass


Color (Roll 1d10): 1- Pink, 2- Blue, 3- Orange, 4- Purple, 5- Green, 6- Yellow, 7- White, 8- Black, 9- Gold,

10- Special: (roll 1d6 for special, then 1d8 for color again)

1- Star Pattern, 2- Polka dot, 3- Flame Pattern, 4- Glow in the Dark, 5- Plaid, 6- Circuit Pattern



Features (Roll 1d12):

1-Unicorn Horn: Add Gore attack: +11 to hit, 1d8+7 P damage, No penalties to charging

2- Wings: Add 30' Flight speed, Average maneuverability

3- Long Tongue: Add Tongue attack: 15' range,+12 to hit KAC, grapples target on a hit

4- Chameleon: Creature has color shifting skin, always has concealment (20% miss chance)

5- Antenna: Add Blindsense

6- Scented: Exudes designer fragrances from scent glands

(roll 1d6- 1- Floral, 2- Vanilla, 3- Popcorn 4- Lemon, 5- Pumpkin Spice , 6- New Car)

Add Overpowering Smell: 20' Aura, DC15 Con save or Sickened for 1d4 Rounds

7- Extra Limbs: Gains the Multi-Attack Ability. Add an extra Slam Attack- +11 to hit, 1d6+7 B damage

8- Glitter: Has glitter producing glands in mouth. Add Glitter Breath: 30' Cone, DC 15 reflex save vs Blind for 1d4 Rounds. Attack is usable every 1d4 rounds.

9- Candy Gland: Has a gland on stomach that produces edible hard candy. Add Candy shot attack: 30' range +10 vs KAC, 1d10 damage

10- Tentacles: Add Grab special ability to melee attacks

11- Racer: Looks especially sleek, has a racing stripe.+20 to speed

12- Battery: Acts as living generator, has an orifice on stomach for charging electronics. Melee attackers who hit the creature take 1d6 electric damage



Unfortunately, the pet that forms is not the one that the party expects thanks to Krup's tampering. Roll randomly on each column of the pet genesis chart to determine the outcome. As the pet finishes assembling, the fluid drains and a door slides open in the front of the tank. The party's new pet eagerly bounds forward into the nearest PC's arms. This animal is a non-combatant, ignore any offensive abilities that it would gain from its features. It loves the party unconditionally and excitedly romps around them. This is a good opportunity for the adventurers to interact with and name their new friend.


2- Malevolent Mishap


Devise looks at the party's new pet, appears shocked for a moment and apologizes for the error. They offer the first pet to the party for free before initiating the pet genesis once again. This time a rush of alien parts bubbles up from the bottom of the tank, congealing into a much larger form than the cylinder is built for. An aggressive creature bursts through the tank spraying glass and blue fluid across the pristine lab. It turns to the party teeth bared and attacks. Roll again on the Pet Genesis Chart. Skip the size column as the creature will be medium sized, and roll twice on the features. Add any mechanics or attacks listed from its features to the template below.


Out of Control Pet Base                CR 3                  XP 800
CN Medium animal
Init +2 Senses low-light vision Perception +8


HP 40
EAC 14; KAC 16 Fort +7; Ref +7; Will +2


Speed 30 ft.
Melee: Bite +11 (1d6+7 B)


Str +4 Dex +2 Con +1 Int -4 Wis +0 Cha +0
Acrobatics +8, Athletics +13, Intimidate +8


Roll for two features on the Pet Genesis Chart


Devise is silent with disbelief after the fight is over. They ask the party to help investigate the incident, offering 1200 credits to each PC for their help. Examining the lab equipment reveals that it has indeed been tampered with. A successful life science or computers check (DC 12) reveals a DNA scrambling virus was inserted into the tank. A tiny insect sized robotic spy drone is tucked into a corner of the lab (DC 20 Perception). Krup has been using it to keep an eye on the lab, it self destructs once it is found. The back door of the lab appears to have been broken into, curiously it appears that the intruder had to use a nearby crate to reach the door's keypad.


Reviewing the security footage shows a 15 minute section has been removed around 3 am. A single frame at the end of the missing chunk of film shows a blur of blue hair exiting the field of view. Between these clues Devise has a hunch that Krup Brassbolt from Build-a-Bot is to blame. Devise asks the party to investigate discreetly and gives them directions to Krup's shop.


3- Construct Confrontation


The exterior of Build-a-Bot has colorful statues of smiling robotic pets and a huge banner advertising a 50% off sale. Inside a gnome with unkempt blue hair wrenches on a huge machine that dominates the back half of the shop. Krup is short even for a gnome and uses an automated lift to reach the most of the machine.


Krup is aware that the party is working for Devise thanks to his spy drone. When approached by the armed PCs, Krup makes an excuse to exit to the back room, such as "Let me get my Manager" (+5 bluff). After a minute he smashes through the back door riding a large robotic construct. Generate this robot using the Pet Genesis chart, skipping the size column as it will be large and rolling on the features column three times. Change any references of "glands" to "dispensers".


Build-a-Bot Base                         CR 5               XP 1,600
CN Large construct (technological)
Init +3 Senses darkvision 60 ft. Perception +11


HP 70
EAC 17 KAC 19 Fort +5 Ref +5 Will +2
Construct Immunities, Mindless, Unliving


Speed 30 ft.
Melee: Bite +15 (1d6+10 P) 
Ranged: Eye Laser +11 (1d8+5 F) 
Space 10 ft. Reach 10 ft.


Str +5 Dex +3 Con - Int - Wis +0 Cha +2
Acrobatics +11 Athletics +16 Intimidate +11



Roll for three features from the Pet Genesis Chart

After defeating the construct the party has Krup's fate in their hands. They could turn him over to law enforcement and let them sort it out. They could also accept a 4000 credit bribe from the pleading Krup to keep things quiet with the promise that he will leave town. Devise will be satisfied with either course of action and thanks the party for their help. They apologize for not being able to redeem the party's gift certificate properly but hopes they will visit in the future when he is done rebuilding his new and improved lab.

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