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October 18, 2018

Recommended for levels 9-10.


While there are many bizarre and dangerous game shows broadcast across the galaxy, none are trending harder at the moment than Trap'd! Produced by a Kobold manufacturing conglomerate called Perilex , Trap'd! offers huge cash prizes to contestants who survive a gauntlet of death traps. Not only does this provide a gory entertainment spectacle, it also showcases Perilex security products to a huge audience.


The adventuring party is invited to make an appearance on Trap'd! due to their fame as heroes or notoriety as outlaws. The show is filmed on a large freighter ship that has been converted to hold a live studio audience and production stage. Before the show begins, the PCs are ushered into a green room where they meet the show's host and lawyers. The host introduces himself as "Ya Boi, Kolbro". Kolbro is a hip young Kolbold wearing a backwards designer cap and a gold chain with the Trap'd! logo on it. After a brief introduction, he tells the party that he will see them "when they win or wipe out" and disappears through a trap door in the wall to start the show. The Perilex lawyers run the PCs through the game show rules and have them sign consent forms on datapads. 





Trap'd! Game Show Rules

  • No healing consumables

  • The show is filmed on live TV, there is no time for resting between traps

  • If a contestant is killed, the audience cheers as Kolbro emerges from a hidden trap door near the body and delivers his catchphrase; "You just got Trap'd!" 

  • Perilex will generously arrange for deceased contestants to be raised from the dead using their cash prize

  • Deceased contestants will be removed from the show but will be allowed part of the final cash prize

  • Each trap that the party survives will add to their final cash prize. 

  • If one contestant claims the Trap'd Trophy at the end of the gauntlet and is still conscious, the party will receive a bonus of 1000 credits per contestant.

  • While there are suggested disable checks and ways to circumvent the various traps and obstacles, be receptive to creative or clever ideas.


The Show


Trap'd has already begun as the party signs their final paperwork. A screen in the green room shows Kolbro rising out of a trap door to loud electronic music and the cheers of the audience. After he rises he shouts: "It's me ya boi Kolbro, coming to you live courtesy of Perilex, and this is Trap'd!"


Kolbro gives a quick summary of "this week's victims" and plays a short pre-recorded introduction clip describing or showing the party's exploits. He then tells the audience to look under their seats. As the whole audience scrambles to look under their chairs, an excited yellow skittermander finds a helmet painted with a Trap'd logo and holds it aloft. Cheers erupt as the skittermander is ushered down to the stage. Kolbro checks a datapad and introduces the new contestant as audience member 173, aka Sunny. Kobold lawyers and stage hands emerge from off screen and quickly strap the skittermander into protective gear while having him sign release forms.


Kolbro tells Sunny "Good luck Dude" and disappears back into a trap door. The party is then rushed onto set by a stage hand. At this moment protective ballistic glass barriers raise around the stage and the music and lighting shifts to highlight the entering party.


Sunny stares at the party starry eyed as they step onto the stage. For the remainder of the adventure he will defer to the party's commands, as long as they don't seem outright suicidal. (Use the statistics for Skittermander on Page 106 of the Alien Archive) If one of the PCs manage to die before Sunny, let them control the skittermander for the remainder of the show.


Idol Applause 


Cash prize: 5000 credits per Surviving Contestant


At the back of the stage is the entrance into the gauntlet; a large archway flanked by statues of two enormous golden hands, poised as if they are about to clap. This is the first trap in the gauntlet, the statues are constructs poised to animate. The hands clap together and attempt to crush the first character to cross between them unless they are attacked first. Once the trap has been sprung, the hands crawl across the ground towards the party and initiate combat.


Clapping Hands  Trap           CR9                                             

The hand constructs trigger as soon as a creature passes between them.


Type: technological Notice: Perception DC 33 to notice they are constructs 

Disable: Attack the hands before passing between them

Trigger: location  

Effect: Attack +22 melee (10d10+5 B damage) 


Golden Hand   (x2)                  CR 7                        XP 3,200
N Large construct (technological)
Init +4 Senses blindsense 60 ft. Perception +14


HP 105
EAC 19 KAC 21, Fort +7 Ref +7 Will +4
Construct Immunities, Mindless, Unliving


Speed 30 ft. Space 10 ft. Reach 10 ft.
Melee Shocking Slap +16 (2d6+12 E; critical stunned 1 round)
              Crush +18 (2d6+12 B plus Grab)


Str +5 Dex +4 Con - Int - Wis +0 Cha +2
Athletics +19 Sleight of Hand +14 Stealth +14


Special Abilities
Grab (Ex) 
Encore Applause- If an enemy is located between two Golden Hands, as a full round action this hand can choose to attempt to crush the target between both hands with a clapping action (+22 to hit, 10d10+5 B damage). If it does so the other hand is stunned on its next turn.


Roll with the Punches


Cash prize: 5000 credits per Surviving Contestant


After crossing through the gauntlet entrance, a short hallway leads to a door. On the other side is a 40' long chamber shaped like the interior of a cylinder. Four 10' wide tracks run side by side around the circumference of the room. This room has subjective gravity, PCs are able to walk up the sides of the walls, across the ceiling and back down to the floor. At the far end is an exit door. As soon as a PC enters the room, the trap is sprung. Four golden fist shaped boulders emerge from concealed ports in the walls and begin rolling around the circumference of the room on their respective tracks.

The first and third track boulders sweep across the bottom of the room from left to right on the first round of initiative, then across the ceiling from right to left on the second. The second and fourth track boulders roll across the ceiling the first round and sweep the floor on the second round. The boulders continue moving in this pattern until the show is over. 

Rolling Fist Boulder Trap           CR 10                                  

When sensors detect movement in the trapped room, four disguised apertures open on the walls and release fist shaped boulders that roll on four separate tracks 360 degrees around the circumference of the room. On the first round, the boulders on odd numbered tracks sweep across the floor/lower half of the room and boulders on even numbered tracks sweep across the ceiling/upper half. The boulders alternate which half of the room they sweep the next round, this pattern repeats until the trap stops.


Type: technological Notice: Perception DC 35  

Disable: To hold back a fist for one round a PC can make a DC 30 Athletics check or use a spell/ability/item that effects gravity (such as Gravity Hold)

Trigger: location Reset: 1 minute  Intitative: 16

Effect:  Creatures standing on the half of the track a boulder is sweeping across take 10d12 B damage, Save DC 19 for half damage


The door at the far end of the chamber is trapped with a rocket powered fist that punches the first PC that tries opening it without disabling the trap.


Rocket Powered Fist Trap          CR 5                                  

When the door handle is pushed, a rocket powered fist blasts out from a hidden panel in the door.


Type: technological Notice: Perception DC 27  

Disable: Engineering DC 22 (disable handle trigger mechanism)

Trigger: touch  

Effect: Attack +15  (4d12+4 + pushed back 15') 

Stairway to Pummeling


Cash prize: 5000 credits per Surviving Contestant


The next room is dominated by a 65' long staircase that leads to a landing where the Trap'd Trophy sits on a pedestal.  The landing is encased in ballistic glass except for an opening at the top of the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs a 20' wide golden fist looms overhead aimed directly at the floor.

Once a PC or Sunni is at least half way up the staircase. the steps flatten into a slide. Anyone on the stairs must make a DC 19 reflex save or slide down to the bottom of the steps. At this time the fist hanging from the ceiling animates and begins punching down, making contact with the ground once per round on the trap's initiative. Climbing up the slide requires a DC 30 Athletics or Acrobatics check, if a character fails by 5 or more they lose their grip and slide down to the bottom underneath the fist.


Pummeling Piston Trap                CR 10                               

When a creature is half way up the staircase, the stairs flatten and the giant fist looming over the bottom of the stairs begins to punch downward. Trap damage is dealt each round on the trap's initiative.


Type: technological Notice: Perception DC 35  

Disable: Engineering DC 30 to jam piston for one turn

Trigger: location Intitative: 16

Effect: 10d12 damage to anyone underneath, Save DC 19 Reflex negates




Trap'd Trophy


The Trap'd! Trophy is a gaudy gold plated trophy consisting of a T next to an exclamation point (T!) One last trap is hidden in the trophy itself. A rocket powered fist blasts out of the front of the trophy when it is picked up. If the fist pushes the contestant back onto the steps they must make a DC 19 reflex save or slide back down to the bottom under the pummeling fist.


Rocket Powered Fist Trap               CR 5                               

When the trophy is grabbed, a rocket powered fist blasts out from a hidden panel in giant golden "T".


Type: technological Notice: Perception DC 27  

Disable: Engineering DC 22 or simply point trophy away while picking it up

Trigger: touch  

Effect: Attack +15  (4d12+4  and knocked back 15') 



Win or Wipe


Should one of the contestants grab the Trap'd! trophy and avoid the final fist, all the traps immediately stop. Kolbro emerges from a hidden door with a burst of confetti and congratulates the survivors, handing them an over-sized novelty cred stick with the amount credits earned. If Sunny survives, he jumps up and down while hugging the PCs enthusiastically with all six arms. After the show, Sunny blows all his prize money on a bright yellow shuttle starship. He offer the party his help if they ever need a lift.


The PCs are also given a non-trapped version of the Trap'd! trophy, however they can convince a stage hand to slip them the original with a DC 20 diplomacy check or a 500 credit bribe. The party is also offered a lucrative Perilex sponsorship. They will install a custom trap on the party's ship in exchange for placing a gigantic logo on the side of the vessel.


If all the contestants are killed, Kolbro emerges near the body of the last person to die and delivers his catchphrase one last time to the cheers of the crowd. A clean up crew emerges and begins removing the contestant's bodies off camera while Kolbro does a quick outro. Back stage, the party is raised from the dead and given a check for whatever prize money they have left over after the spell is paid for. Finally, they are given complementary T-Shirts bearing the slogan "I just got Trap'd!". The party is still offered the sponsorship deal with Perilex if they lose, but the company also wants them to wear large logos across their skin or armor.








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