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Domok's Discount A.I. Outlet: A One Card Adventure

August 30, 2019

A 4x6" printable card with a short adventure for level 1 characters.






I made this card as a swag bag give away for a local con. 

Since I'm working on a new card for this year, so I thought I would post the images from last year's so you can print your own, along with an extra encounter and some more discount A.I. modules for players to find in the store. The cards are more readable/printable if you click on the gallery images above.

Bonus Encounter: Takes place before encounter 1 on card


The store front of Domok's Discount A.I. Outlet is covered in obnoxious neon holo-signs and blaring speakers advertising "limited time offers". A neon orange Inflatable Tube Man waves in front of the shop. As the party approaches the front doors, Elf King takes control of the Tube Man and attacks the party.


Inflatable Tube Man            CR 1                                    XP 400

N Medium construct (technological)

Init +2 Perception +5
Speed 10 ft.


HP 20
EAC 11 KAC 13
Fort +1 Ref +1 Will +-1
Unflankable, Construct Immunities, Mindless, Unliving


Melee: slam +9 (1d6+5 B)

10' Reach


Str +4 Dex +2 Con - Int - Wis +0 Cha +1
Acrobatics +5, Athletics +10

Gear: Beacon

Special Abilities
Tube Man's base contains a level 1 neon orange Beacon that increases the light level by 1 step within a 50' radius. 


Tube Man is constantly flailing in place and is unflankable as a result.

Discount A.I. Modules

These modules act as computer Personality Upgrades that can be purchased and installed for 5 percent of the computer's base price. They only receive a bonus equal to the computer's tier for bluff, diplomacy, sense motive and intimidate checks.


Alfredo- Has an impressive recipe data base and adds +3 to any culture check related to food. There is a 10% chance that Alfredo will begin reciting a lasagna recipe instead of responding normally.


Ksarik Hunter- This A.I. is fond of the word "Crikey!" and adds +3 to any life science check to ID plants and animals. There is a 10% chance the AI will malfunction and ID its target as a Ksarik.


Game Gurl- A very enthusiastic A.I. that will boot a game up the first time it is interacted each hour, regardless of danger or urgency of the PC's circumstance. Manually closing this game takes a move action.


Nano-Nanna- This A.I. has the voice of an elderly woman and treats every user as if they are a child. Nano-Nanna is very patronizing, but gets a bonus to sense motive checks equal to 3x computer tier.


Miri- This A.I. is relatively normal except for its constant heavy breathing. Miri has a normal 2x computer tier bonus to sense motive and intimidate but no bonus to bluff and diplomacy.


H2 Know- This A.I. sounds slightly muffled when dry and is a bit hard to understand. However, when submerged in water it sounds clear and functions as a normal personality upgrade with 2x computer tier bonuses to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate and sense motive.




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